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Reagan Ronald

Am 5. November wandte sich Ronald Reagan zum letzten Mal an die Öffentlichkeit. Der ehemalige Präsident der Vereinigten Staaten war zu diesem. 6. Februar: Ronald Wilson Reagan wird in Tampico/Bundesstaat Illinois als jüngstes von vier Kindern von John Edward Reagan und seiner Frau Nelle geboren. fordert US-Präsident Reagan den Fall der Mauer und unterzeichnet den INF-Abrüstungs-Vertrag. Trotzdem gilt er bis heute vor allem als Kalter Krieger.

Ronald Reagan

Am 5. November wandte sich Ronald Reagan zum letzten Mal an die Öffentlichkeit. Der ehemalige Präsident der Vereinigten Staaten war zu diesem. Burgenländer war Ronald Reagan. Der gebürtige Burgenländer Julius Koch ist 25 Jahre lang Ronald Reagen gewesen. Als dessen Double. Ronald Reagan Ein maßgeschneiderter Präsident Film von Clara Kuperberg und Julia Kuperberg. Die historische Wahl Ronald Reagans zum Präsidenten.

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The Ronald Reagan Mic Drop Moment At The 1984 Debate - NBC News

Eckart Conz - Historiker, Universität Marburg, Prof. Er spielt im Football-Team des Colleges und tritt bei Theateraufführungen auf. Präsident der The Incredible Hulk 2008. Kennedy Kalter Krieg Vietnamkrieg Reagan Jahre Die USA unter Georg W. Ronald Wilson Reagan war ein US-amerikanischer Schauspieler und republikanischer Politiker. Von 19war er der Gouverneur von Kalifornien; von 19der Präsident der Vereinigten Staaten. Ronald Wilson Reagan [ˈreɪgən] (* 6. Februar in Tampico, Illinois; † 5. Juni in Bel Air, Los Angeles, Kalifornien) war ein US-amerikanischer. 6. Februar: Ronald Wilson Reagan wird in Tampico/Bundesstaat Illinois als jüngstes von vier Kindern von John Edward Reagan und seiner Frau Nelle geboren. fordert US-Präsident Reagan den Fall der Mauer und unterzeichnet den INF-Abrüstungs-Vertrag. Trotzdem gilt er bis heute vor allem als Kalter Krieger. Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine announced that Ronald Reagan's birthday will be recognized as "Ronald Reagan Day" in declaration was made on Feb. 6, what would have been the th birthday of the. Ronald Reagan (), a former actor and California governor, served as the 40th president from to Raised in small-town Illinois, he became a Hollywood actor in his 20s and later. Ronald Wilson Reagan (/ ˈ r eɪ ɡ ən / RAY-gən; February 6, – June 5, ) was an American politician who was the 40th president of the United States from to and became a highly influential voice of modern conservatism. FBI: From Al Capone to Al Qaeda. Opening sometime in this worldwide premiere, FBI: From Al Capone to Al Qaeda at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum – features a brand-new 11, square foot exhibition which covers the history of the storied agency from inception to its modern day efforts to fight domestic terrorism in the United States. Ronald Reagan Republican National Convention acceptance speech Ronald Reagan accepts the nomination to be the Republican candidate for the presidential election on July 17, in Detroit, MI. Contact: Will Back2Stonewall. Reagan was sworn in as president for the second time on January 20,in a private ceremony at the White House. He also noted the fact that the "American-owned industries Carrie 2002 employ more than 80, blacks" and that their employment practices were "very different from the normal South African customs". Robert Finch [1] Edwin Reinecke [2] John L. Manchester University Press ND,

Lieutenant Ames [ ]. Target Tokyo. Narrateur [ ] , [ ]. John Loves Mary. Le Dernier Voyage. The Big Truth.

The Last Outpost. Grover Cleveland Alexander. Tropic Zone. Quand la poudre parle. Prisoner of War. La Reine de la prairie.

Le Bagarreur du Tennessee. Hellcats of the Navy. Commander Casey Abbott [ h ]. Les Blouses blanches. Heritage of Splendor.

Reagan promised that his supply-side economic policies, dubbed " Reaganomics ", would turn around the economy with lower tax rates, economic deregulation, and reduction in government spending.

Over his two terms, the economy saw a reduction of inflation from His administration saw the longest period of economic growth in peacetime American history up to that point, lasting 92 months.

In his first term, he survived an assassination attempt , spurred the War on Drugs , and fought public sector labor unions.

In foreign affairs, he denounced communism and invaded the island country of Grenada after Communist elements took control ; as a result a new government was appointed by the governor-general.

With the economy booming again, foreign affair crises dominated his second term. Major concerns were the bombing of Libya , the Iran—Iraq War , the Iran—Contra affair , and the renewed Cold War.

In June , four years after he publicly described the Soviet Union as an " evil empire ", Reagan challenged Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev to " tear down this wall!

He then engaged in talks with Gorbachev that culminated in the INF Treaty , which shrank both countries' nuclear arsenals.

Roosevelt , and later Bill Clinton as the highest ratings for departing presidents in the 20th Century. Afterward, his informal public appearances became more infrequent as the disease progressed.

He died at home on June 5, His tenure constituted a realignment toward conservative policies in the United States, and he is an icon among conservatives.

Evaluations of his presidency among historians and the general public place him among the upper tier of American presidents. Ronald Wilson Reagan was born on February 6, , in an apartment on the second floor of a commercial building in Tampico, Illinois.

Reagan's father nicknamed his son "Dutch", due to his "fat little Dutchman" appearance and Dutch-boy haircut; the nickname stuck with him throughout his youth.

Pitney Variety Store until finally settling in Dixon, Illinois. Ronald Reagan wrote that his mother "always expected to find the best in people and often did".

A firm believer in the power of prayer , she led prayer meetings at church and was in charge of mid-week prayers when the pastor was out of town.

Reagan saw him as a second father. Stephen Vaughn says:. According to Paul Kengor , Reagan had a particularly strong faith in the goodness of people; this faith stemmed from the optimistic faith of his mother [21] and the Disciples of Christ faith, [21] into which he was baptized in He recalled the time when his college football team was staying at a local hotel which would not allow two black teammates to stay there, and he invited them to his parents' home 15 miles 24 kilometers away in Dixon.

His mother invited them to stay overnight and have breakfast the next morning. Reagan attended Dixon High School , where he developed interests in acting, sports, and storytelling.

Over six years, Reagan performed 77 rescues. He was an indifferent student, majored in economics and sociology and graduated with a C grade.

He was a member of the football team and captain of the swim team. He was elected student body president and participated in student protests against the college president.

After graduating from Eureka in , Reagan took jobs in Iowa as a radio announcer at several stations. He moved to WHO radio in Des Moines as an announcer for Chicago Cubs baseball games.

His specialty was creating play-by-play accounts of games using only basic descriptions that the station received by wire as the games were in progress.

While traveling with the Cubs in California in , Reagan took a screen test that led to a seven-year contract with Warner Bros. He earned his first screen credit with a starring role in the movie Love Is on the Air , and by the end of , he had already appeared in 19 films, [33] including Dark Victory with Bette Davis and Humphrey Bogart.

Before the film Santa Fe Trail with Errol Flynn in , he played the role of George Gipp in the film Knute Rockne, All American ; from it, he acquired the lifelong nickname "the Gipper".

Reagan played his favorite acting role in 's Kings Row , [36] where he plays a double amputee who recites the line "Where's the rest of me?

Many film critics considered Kings Row to be his best movie, [37] though the film was condemned by The New York Times critic Bosley Crowther.

Shortly afterwards, he received co-star billing with Flynn — who was still a huge star at the time — in Desperate Journey In April , Reagan was ordered to military active duty in San Francisco and never became a big film star.

Throughout his film career, Reagan's mother answered much of his fan mail. After completing 14 home-study Army Extension Courses, Reagan enlisted in the Army Enlisted Reserve and was commissioned a second lieutenant in the Officers' Reserve Corps of the Cavalry on May 25, On April 18, , Reagan was ordered to active duty for the first time.

Due to his poor eyesight, he was classified for limited service only, which excluded him from serving overseas.

In January , Reagan was ordered to temporary duty in New York City to participate in the opening of the Sixth War Loan Drive , which campaigned for the purchase of war bonds.

He was reassigned to the First Motion Picture Unit on November 14, , where he remained until the end of World War II. He was separated from active duty on December 9, , as an Army captain.

Reagan was first elected to the Board of Directors of the Screen Actors Guild SAG in , serving as an alternate member.

After World War II, he resumed service and became third vice president in He was subsequently re-elected six times, in , , , , and He led the SAG through implementing the Taft—Hartley Act , various labor-management disputes, and the Hollywood blacklist era.

Congress continued to investigate domestic political subversion. Also during his tenure, Reagan was instrumental in securing residuals for television actors when their episodes were re-run, and later, for motion picture actors when their studio films aired on TV.

In , Reagan served on the national board of directors for the Independent Citizens Committee of the Arts, Sciences and Professions ICCASP and had been a member of its Hollywood chapter HICCASP.

His attendance at a July 10, , meeting of HICCASP brought him to the attention of the FBI , which interviewed him on April 10, , in connection with its investigation into HICCASP.

Even so, he was uncomfortable with the way the SAG was being used by the government, asking during one FBI interview, "Do they ie. In October during HUAC's Hollywood hearings, Reagan whose name also appears as "Regan" in the text of the hearings printed by the US GPO testified as president of the Screen Actors Guild : [56].

There has been a small group within the Screen Actors Guild which has consistently opposed the policy of the guild board and officers of the guild At times they have attempted to be a disruptive influence I have heard different discussions and some of them tagged as Communists I found myself misled into being a sponsor on another occasion for a function that was held under the auspices of the Joint Anti-Fascist Refugee Committee.

The first time that this word "Communist" was ever injected into any of the meetings concerning the strike was at a meeting in Chicago with Mr.

William Hutchinson, president of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners , who were on strike at the time. He asked the Screen Actors Guild to submit terms to Mr.

Walsh, for Walsh to give in the settling of this strike, and he told us to tell Mr. Walsh that if he would give in on these terms he in turn would run this Sorrell and the other Commies out—I am quoting him—and break it up.

However, Reagan also opposed measures soon to manifest in the Mundt—Nixon Bill in May by opining:. As a citizen I would hesitate, or not like, to see any political party outlawed on the basis of its political ideology I detest, I abhor their philosophy, but I detest more than that their tactics, which are those of the fifth column, and are dishonest, but at the same time I never as a citizen want to see our country become urged, by either fear or resentment of this group, that we ever compromise with any of our democratic principles through that fear or resentment.

Further, when asked whether he was aware of Communist efforts within the Screen Writers Guild , Reagan would not play along, saying, "Sir, like the other gentlemen, I must say that that is hearsay.

Reagan landed fewer film roles in the late s and moved into television. The show ran for ten seasons from to , which increased Reagan's national profile.

In , Reagan co-starred in the film Brother Rat with actress Jane Wyman — They announced their engagement at the Chicago Theatre [62] and married on January 26, , at the Wee Kirk o' the Heather church in Glendale , California.

Reagan met actress Nancy Davis — [69] [70] in after she contacted him in his capacity as president of the Screen Actors Guild. He helped her with issues regarding her name appearing on a Communist blacklist in Hollywood; she had been mistaken for another Nancy Davis.

She described their meeting by saying, "I don't know if it was exactly love at first sight, but it was pretty close.

They had two children: Patti b. The couple's relationship was close, authentic and intimate. They never stopped courting. We were very much in love and still are.

When I say my life began with Ronnie, well, it's true. It did. I can't imagine life without him. Reagan began as a Hollywood Democrat , and Franklin D.

Roosevelt was "a true hero" to him. In his early political career, he joined numerous political committees with a left-wing orientation, such as the American Veterans Committee.

He fought against Republican-sponsored right-to-work legislation and supported Helen Gahagan Douglas in when she was defeated for the Senate by Richard Nixon.

It was his belief that Communists were a powerful backstage influence in those groups that led him to rally his friends against them.

At rallies, Reagan frequently spoke with a strong ideological dimension. In December , he was stopped from leading an anti-nuclear rally in Hollywood by pressure from the Warner Bros.

He would later make nuclear weapons a key point of his presidency when he specifically stated his opposition to mutual assured destruction.

Reagan also built on previous efforts to limit the spread of nuclear weapons. Truman and appeared on stage with him during a campaign speech in Los Angeles.

Eisenhower and and Richard Nixon Reagan was hired by General Electric GE in to host the General Electric Theater , a weekly TV drama series. He also traveled across the country to give motivational speeches to over , GE employees.

His many speeches—which he wrote himself—were non-partisan but carried a conservative, pro-business message; he was influenced by Lemuel Boulware , a senior GE executive.

Boulware, known for his tough stance against unions and his innovative strategies to win over workers, championed the core tenets of modern American conservatism: free markets , anticommunism , lower taxes, and limited government.

The party left me. When the legislation that would become Medicare was introduced in , he created a recording for the American Medical Association AMA warning that such legislation would mean the end of freedom in America.

Reagan said that if his listeners did not write letters to prevent it, "we will awake to find that we have socialism. And if you don't do this, and if I don't do it, one of these days, you and I are going to spend our sunset years telling our children, and our children's children, what it once was like in America when men were free.

Reagan gained national attention in his speeches for conservative presidential contender Barry Goldwater in He consolidated themes that he had developed in his talks for GE to deliver his famous speech, " A Time for Choosing ":.

The Founding Fathers knew a government can't control the economy without controlling people. And they knew when a government sets out to do that, it must use force and coercion to achieve its purpose.

So we have come to a time for choosing You and I are told we must choose between a left or right, but I suggest there is no such thing as a left or right.

There is only an up or down. Up to man's age-old dream—the maximum of individual freedom consistent with order—or down to the ant heap of totalitarianism.

This "A Time for Choosing" speech was not enough to turn around the faltering Goldwater campaign, but it was the crucial event that established Reagan's national political visibility.

David Broder of The Washington Post called it, "the most successful national political debut since William Jennings Bryan electrified the Democratic convention with his Cross of Gold speech".

California Republicans were impressed with Reagan's political views and charisma after his "Time for Choosing" speech, [97] and in late he announced his campaign for governor in the election.

In Reagan's campaign, he emphasized two main themes: "to send the welfare bums back to work", and, in reference to burgeoning anti-war and anti-establishment student protests at the University of California, Berkeley , "to clean up the mess at Berkeley".

Reagan was sworn in on January 2, In his first term, he froze government hiring and approved tax hikes to balance the budget. Shortly after assuming office, Reagan tested the presidential waters as part of a "Stop Nixon" movement, hoping to cut into Nixon's southern support [] and become a compromise candidate [] if neither Nixon nor second-place candidate Nelson Rockefeller received enough delegates to win on the first ballot at the Republican convention.

However, by the time of the convention, Nixon had delegate votes, 25 more than he needed to secure the nomination, followed by Rockefeller with Reagan in third place.

Reagan was involved in several high-profile conflicts with the protest movements of the era, including his public criticism of university administrators for tolerating student demonstrations at the Berkeley campus.

On May 15, , during the People's Park protests at the university's campus the original purpose of which was to discuss the Arab—Israeli conflict , Reagan sent the California Highway Patrol and other officers to quell the protests.

This led to an incident that became known as "Bloody Thursday", resulting in the death of student James Rector and the blinding of carpenter Alan Blanchard.

Reagan then called out 2, state National Guard troops to occupy the city of Berkeley for two weeks to crack down on the protesters. No more appeasement.

Early in , the national debate on abortion was starting to gain traction. In the early stages of the debate, Democratic California state senator Anthony Beilenson introduced the Therapeutic Abortion Act in an effort to reduce the number of "back-room abortions" performed in California.

After he recognized what he called the "consequences" of the bill, he announced that he was anti-abortion.

In , Reagan signed the Mulford Act , which repealed a law allowing the public carrying of loaded firearms becoming California Penal Code and c.

The bill, which was named after Republican assemblyman Don Mulford , garnered national attention after the Black Panthers marched bearing arms upon the California State Capitol to protest it.

Despite an unsuccessful attempt to force a recall election on Reagan in , [] he was re-elected governor in , defeating Jesse M. He chose not to seek a third term in the following election cycle.

One of Reagan's greatest frustrations in office was the controversy of capital punishment , which he strongly supported.

Anderson decision, which invalidated all death sentences issued in California before , though the decision was later overturned by a constitutional amendment.

The only execution during Reagan's governorship was on April 12, , when Aaron Mitchell 's sentence was carried out by the state in San Quentin 's gas chamber.

In , Reagan signed the Family Law Act, which was an amalgam of two bills that had been written and revised by the California State Legislature over more than two years.

Reagan's terms as governor helped to shape the policies he would pursue in his later political career as president. By campaigning on a platform of sending "the welfare bums back to work", he spoke out against the idea of the welfare state.

He also strongly advocated the Republican ideal of less government regulation of the economy, including that of undue federal taxation. Reagan's campaign relied on a strategy crafted by campaign manager John Sears of winning a few primaries early to damage the inevitability of Ford's likely nomination.

Reagan won North Carolina, Texas, and California, but the strategy failed, as [] he ended up losing New Hampshire, Florida, and his native Illinois.

Much of the credit for that victory came from the work of three co-chairmen, including Ernest Angelo, the mayor of Midland , and Ray Barnhart of Houston , whom Reagan as president would appoint in as director of the Federal Highway Administration.

However, as the GOP convention neared, Ford appeared close to victory. Acknowledging his party's moderate wing, Reagan chose moderate senator Richard Schweiker of Pennsylvania as his running mate if nominated.

Nonetheless, Ford prevailed with 1, delegates to Reagan's 1, Kiitos teille, ystäväni. Jumala aina siunatkoon teitä. Ilmoitus Reaganin sairastumisesta herätti spekulaatioita taudin puhkeamishetkestä.

Monen Reaganin lähellä olleen mielestä Reaganin älyllinen kunto oli alkanut heiketä jo vuonna Ryhmä lääkäreitä oli harkinnut Reaganin toisen kauden puolivälissä ehdottavansa julkisesti, että Reagan tutkittaisiin Alzheimerin taudin varalta.

Useimmat pitivät hänen oireitaan kuitenkin vain vanhenemisen oireina. Reagan kuoli keuhkokuumeeseen ja Alzheimerin tautiin kotonaan Los Angelesin Bel Airissa vuotiaana 5.

He saivat kaksi lasta Maureen, s. Wyman haki avioeroa kesäkuussa Reaganin toinen vaimo oli näyttelijä Nancy Davis , jonka kanssa hän oli aviossa vuodesta kuolemaansa asti.

He saivat kaksi lasta Patricia , s. Presidenttiparin ystävä, näyttelijä Charlton Heston luonnehti Reaganien avioliittoa maan presidenttien historian suurimmaksi rakkaustarinaksi.

Uraansa ja vaimoonsa keskittynyt Reagan oli neljälle lapselleen hyvä joskin välillä melko etäinen isä.

Reagan tunnettiin koko elämänsä ajan suurena optimistina. Reagania pidetään enemmän suurten linjojen visionäärinä kuin tarkkoihin yksityiskohtiin keskittyvänä poliitikkona.

Reagan luotti usein vaistoonsa enemmän kuin analyyseihin. Suurpiirteisyytensä vuoksi Reagan teki usein nolojakin virheitä yksityiskohdissa, minkä johdosta moni arvostelija on pitänyt häntä tyhmänä ja aliarvioinut hänen mahdollisuuksiaan menestyä vaaleissa, jotka hän kuitenkin voitti.

Vaikka Reagan ei ollut erityisen kirjaviisas, hänellä oli hyvät ihmistaidot. Hänestä kasvoi silti ulkoisesti hyvin sosiaalinen luonne, jolla oli kuitenkin itsenäinen ja yksityinen puolensa; esimerkiksi vaimo Nancy Reagan vertasi miestään tiiliseinään.

Omiin periaatteisiinsa Reagan uskoi ehdottomasti, ja hän oli hyvin taitava vakuuttamaan kuulijansakin niistä. Tällä hän ei viitannut Reaganin älyn puutteeseen vaan tämän ajattelun pelkistyneisyyteen: Reagania kiinnostivat vain harvat asiat, mutta niihin hän keskittyi hyvin tiiviisti.

Reagan on aina jakanut mielipiteet. Tukijoidensa mielestä Reagan edusti amerikkalaisia hyveitä, kuten rehellisyyttä, luonteenlujuutta, rohkeutta, voimaa ja nöyryyttä.

Vastustajat pitivät Reagania kokemattomana näyttelijänä ja jotkut oikeistolaisena hulluna. Reagan itse ja hänen tukijansa ovat olleet sitä mieltä, että Reaganin valitsema suuriin linjoihin keskittynyt johtamistyyli oli hyvin tehokas.

Reaganin maanläheinen hiomattomuus yhtäältä teki hänestä suositun ja toisaalta ruokki arvostelua häntä kohtaan.

Jaakko Iloniemi on todennut, että Reagan palautti amerikkalaisille vastoinkäymisten jälkeen uskon amerikkalaiseen elämäntapaan ja kaivatun itsetunnon ja että hän samalla oli itse sen symboli.

The Washington Postin mukaan Reagan oli optimistinen individualisti, yhtäältä elokuvatähtimäisen loistokas ja toisaalta tavallisen mukava, ja siten edusti kaikkea sitä, mitä amerikkalaiset mielellään uskoisivat itsestään.

Reagan myös loi maahan kansallisen yhteenkuuluvuuden tunteen. Max Jakobsonin mukaan Euroopassa Reaganiin suhtauduttiin yleisesti väheksyvästi. Suomessa hän oli etenkin ensimmäisen kautensa aikana epäsuosittu, ja vasemmisto piti häntä vaarallisena sodanlietsojana.

Kylmä sota päättyi Reaganin toisen kauden lopulla vuoteen mennessä, ja jotkut ovat antaneet Reaganille ansion kylmän sodan lopettamisesta. Reagan itse sanoi noudattaneensa tietoista suunnitelmaa, jonka tarkoitus oli murtaa heikko Neuvostoliitto kovan retoriikan kautta ja kasvattamalla asevarustelua Neuvostoliitolle kestämättömälle tasolle.

Etenkin useiden eurooppalaisten tutkijoiden ja historioitsijoiden mukaan kylmän sodan loppumiselle oli monta syytä, joista Neuvostoliiton sisäiset syyt olivat Yhdysvaltain vaikutusta suuremmat.

Reaganin taloudelliset saavutukset olivat vaihtelevia. Reaganin aikaiset veroleikkaukset ja korkojen laskut siivittivät Yhdysvaltain talouden ennätykselliseen kasvuun.

Samalla valtionvelka, budjettivaje ja kauppavaje kasvoivat kuitenkin myös ennätyslukemiin. Reagan on edelleen useimpien republikaanipoliitikkojen johtotähti, ja jopa demokraatti Bill Clintonin on arvioitu voittaneen presidentinvaalit siirtymällä Reaganin vaikutuksesta kohti keskustaa.

Rutherford Hayes R James Garfield R Chester Arthur R Grover Cleveland D Benjamin Harrison R William McKinley R Theodore Roosevelt R William Taft R Woodrow Wilson D Warren Harding R Calvin Coolidge R Herbert Hoover R Franklin D.

Beide Funktionen waren bis dahin strikt getrennt, da die Interessen der Schauspieler und Produzenten teilweise gegenläufig sind. Durch diesen Vertrag konnte MCA sehr erfolgreich agieren.

MCA, bei der auch Reagan unter Vertrag war, bedankte sich, indem sie ihm beispielsweise durch die Vermittlung von Engagements und Werbeauftritten immer wieder aus finanziellen Engpässen heraushalf.

Über MCA entstanden auch Verbindungen zur Mafia, die ihn dabei unterstützten, an die Macht zu kommen.

Im Jahr kam es zu einem Gerichtsprozess, bei dem auch Reagan wegen Korruption angeklagt war. Reagan berief sich mehrfach auf Gedächtnislücken.

Letztlich wurde er aus Mangel an Beweisen freigesprochen. MCA musste die Trennung wiederherstellen und verkaufte die Künstleragentur.

Seine geschlossene erste Ehe mit dem Filmstar Jane Wyman — endete mit der Scheidung. Von bis zu seinem Tod war er rund 52 Jahre mit Nancy Reagan — verheiratet, die kurzzeitig ebenfalls als Schauspielerin arbeitete.

Nancy und Ronald Reagan standen auch gemeinsam vor der Kamera, so in den Hauptrollen des Kriegsfilmes Hellcats of the Navy von Nathan Juran.

Als Reagans engster Freund galt der Schauspieler Robert Taylor , für den er die Grabrede hielt. Seine Moderation der Anthologie-Serie General Electric Theater zwischen und brachte ihm weitere Beschäftigung als Konzernrepräsentant von General Electric GE , die die Sendung sponserten.

Reagan hielt innerhalb von sechs Jahren als Konzernrepräsentant zahlreiche Reden an die Belegschaft. Der Konzern hatte damals über Reagans Vertrag beinhaltete die Pflicht, über aktuellen Klatsch und Tratsch von Hollywood zu sprechen — stattdessen aber reiste er durch die USA und sprach über freies Unternehmertum, Staatsmedizin und ein staatliches Rentensystem.

In seiner Zeit bei GE wandelte sich Reagans politisches Auftreten drastisch. Er sagte dazu:. Reagan erklärte, seine politischen Ansichten hätten sich in seiner Zeit als Vorsitzender der Schauspielergewerkschaft geändert, als anlässlich einer Gewerkschaftssitzung während eines kommunistisch agitierten Streiks in Kalifornien ein Funktionär erklärte, er würde die Verfassung der UdSSR derjenigen der USA vorziehen.

Dies lehnte er ab. Ronald Reagan wurde Mitglied der Republikanischen Partei, nachdem er zuvor eher den Demokraten zugeneigt gewesen war.

Reagan hielt für ihn eine weit verbreitete Grundsatzrede, A Time for Choosing , die zwar Goldwater nicht zum Sieg über Präsident Johnson gereichte, ihm aber immerhin mindestens eine Million Dollar an Spenden für seine Kampagne einbrachte.

November gewann Reagan mit einem Stimmenanteil von 57 Prozent die Wahl zum Gouverneur von Kalifornien gegen Amtsinhaber Edmund G.

Brown und wurde am 3. Januar als Gouverneur Kaliforniens vereidigt. Bereits sein Sieg in den Vorwahlen der Republikanischen Partei für dieses Amt fand viel mediales Interesse.

Im Jahr brachten ihn innerparteiliche Gegner Richard Nixons erstmals — erfolglos — als möglichen republikanischen Präsidentschaftskandidaten ins Spiel.

Als Gouverneur unterstützte er mit seiner Politik die kalifornische Wirtschaft, die in den späten er Jahren einen beachtlichen Aufschwung nahm.

Durch die daraus resultierenden Mehreinnahmen an Steuern sowie Ausgabenkürzungen gelang es ihm, den Haushalt des Bundesstaates auszugleichen.

Im Jahr fand gegen Reagan ein erfolgloser Recall statt; damals versuchten Gegner seiner Politik, ihn vorzeitig aus seinem Amt abzuwählen, was aber wegen der hohen Hürden scheiterte erst wurde mit Gray Davis erstmals ein kalifornischer Gouverneur vorzeitig abgewählt.

November wurde Reagan mit 52,8 Prozent der Stimmen wiedergewählt; der Demokrat Jesse M. Im Januar begann seine zweite Amtsperiode.

Während seiner Zeit als Gouverneur, vor allem in der zweiten Hälfte der er Jahre, nahmen die Proteste gegen den Vietnamkrieg zu, insbesondere an den Universitäten in Kalifornien.

Als Gouverneur war Reagan bekannt für seine harte Haltung gegenüber Demonstranten und scheute sich nicht, diese in öffentlichen Stellungnahmen verbal anzugreifen.

Zur Gouverneurswahl im November trat Reagan nicht zu einer Wiederwahl an, obwohl damals bis eine dritte Amtszeit nach der Verfassung möglich gewesen wäre.

Because the station could not afford to send him to Wrigley Field in Chicago , Reagan was forced to improvise a running account of the games based on sketchy details delivered over a teletype machine.

In Reagan followed the Cubs to their spring training camp in southern California , a trip he undertook partly in order to try his hand at movie acting.

During the next 27 years, he appeared in more than 50 films, notably including Knute Rockne—All American , Kings Row , and The Hasty Heart In , while filming Brother Rat , Reagan became engaged to his costar Jane Wyman, and the couple married in Hollywood two years later.

They had a daughter, Maureen, in and adopted a son, Michael, a few days after his birth in Their marriage ended in divorce in Reagan was the first president to have been divorced.

As his influence on domestic affairs waned during his second term, Reagan increasingly focused on relations with the Soviet Union.

Reagan's personal mission was to achieve a world free of nuclear weapons, which according to Jack F. Matlock Jr.

Various issues, including intelligence operations performed by both countries and tensions in Germany and Afghanistan, threatened to forestall the possibility of an agreement between the United States and the Soviet Union.

With the framework for an agreement in place, Reagan and Gorbachev met at the Washington Summit. The treaty also established an inspections regime designed to ensure that both parties honored the agreement.

Though it was attacked by conservatives like Jesse Helms, the INF Treaty provided a major boost to Reagan's popularity in the aftermath of the Iran—Contra Affair.

A new era of trade and openness between the two powers commenced, and the U. A journalist asked the president if he still considered the Soviet Union the evil empire.

The Cold War was unofficially declared over at the Malta Summit the following month. Reagan came under much criticism in when he was accused of honoring Nazi war criminals at a cemetery in West Germany.

Deaver was given assurances by a German head of protocol that no war criminals were buried there. It was later determined that the cemetery held the graves of 49 members of the Waffen-SS.

What neither Deaver nor other administration officials initially realized was that many Germans distinguished the regular SS, who typically were composed of Nazi true believers, and the Waffen-SS which were attached to military units and composed of conscripted soldiers.

As the controversy brewed in April , Reagan issued a statement that called the Nazi soldiers buried in that cemetery as themselves "victims," a designation which ignited a stir over whether Reagan had equated the SS men to victims of the Holocaust.

On May 5, , President Reagan and Chancellor Kohl first visited the site of the former Nazi Bergen-Belsen concentration camp and then the Bitburg cemetery where, along with two military generals, they did place a wreath.

A civil war had broken out in Lebanon in , and both Israel and Syria undertook military action within Lebanon in Reagan sympathized with Israeli's desire to defeat PLO forces that had struck Israel from Lebanon, but he pressured Israel to end its invasion as casualties mounted and Israeli forces approached the Lebanese capital of Beirut.

As Israel delayed a full withdrawal and violence continued in Lebanon, Reagan arranged for a multinational force , including U. Marines , to serve as peacekeepers in Lebanon.

In reaction to the role Israel and the United States played in the Lebanese Civil War, a Shia militant group known as Hezbollah began to take American hostages, holding eight Americans by the middle of In response to the U.

Relations between Libya and the United States under President Reagan were continually contentious, beginning with the Gulf of Sidra incident in ; by , Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi was considered by the CIA to be, along with USSR leader Leonid Brezhnev and Cuban leader Fidel Castro , part of a group known as the "unholy trinity" and was also labeled as "our international public enemy number one" by a CIA official.

Stating that there was "irrefutable proof" that Libya had directed the "terrorist bombing," Reagan authorized the use of force against the country.

In the late evening of April 15, , the United States launched a series of airstrikes on ground targets in Libya.

Britain's prime minister, Margaret Thatcher , allowed the U. Air Force to use Britain's air bases to launch the attack, on the justification that the UK was supporting America's right to self-defense under Article 51 of the United Nations Charter.

During Ronald Reagan's presidency South Africa continued to use a non-democratic system of government based on racial discrimination, known as apartheid , in which the minority of white South Africans exerted nearly complete legal control over the lives of the non-white majority of the citizens.

In the early s the issue had moved to the center of international attention as a result of events in the townships and outcry at the death of Stephen Biko.

Reagan administration policy called for " constructive engagement " with the apartheid government of South Africa. In opposition to the condemnations issued by the U.

Congress and public demands for diplomatic or economic sanctions, Reagan made relatively minor criticisms of the regime, which was otherwise internationally isolated, and the U.

South Africa's military was then engaged in an occupation of Namibia and proxy wars in several neighboring countries, in alliance with Savimbi's UNITA.

Reagan administration officials saw the apartheid government as a key anti-communist ally. Finding the Reagan Administration unresponsive to its calls for more stringent economic sanctions, anti-apartheid activists undertook a divestment campaign , aimed at moving individuals and institutions to sell their holdings in companies doing business in South Africa.

By late , facing escalating public and congressional opposition to his administration's tolerant attitude toward the South African government's policy of apartheid, Reagan made an "abrupt reversal" on the issue and proposed sanctions on the South African government, including an arms embargo.

In August , Congress approved the Comprehensive Anti-Apartheid Act , which included tougher sanctions. Reagan vetoed the act, but this was overridden by a bipartisan effort in Congress.

Bush, the new South African government of F. During his presidential campaign, Reagan proposed the creation of a common market in North America.

Once in office, Reagan signed the Trade and Tariff Act of , which granted the president " fast track " authority in negotiating free trade agreements.

This trade pact would serve as the foundation for the North American Free Trade Agreement among the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

Reagan made 25 international trips to 26 different countries on four continents —Europe, Asia, North America, and South America—during his presidency.

He is perhaps best remembered for his speeches at the 40th anniversary of the Normandy landings , for his impassioned speech at the Berlin Wall , his summit meetings with Mikhail Gorbachev , and riding horses with Queen Elizabeth II at Windsor Park.

At the time of his inauguration, Reagan was the oldest person to be inaugurated as President age John Hutton, has said that Reagan "absolutely" did not "show any signs of dementia or Alzheimer's" during his presidency.

On July 13, , Reagan underwent surgery to remove polyps from his colon , [] causing the first-ever invocation of the Acting President clause of the 25th Amendment.

In the mid-term elections, Democrats retained a majority of the House while Republicans retained control of the Senate.

Reagan's approval ratings fell after his first year in office, but they bounced back when the United States began to emerge from recession in Though Hart won several primaries, Mondale ultimately won the nomination.

Down in the polls, Mondale selected Congresswoman Geraldine Ferraro as his running mate in hopes of galvanizing support for his campaign, thus making Ferraro the first female major party vice presidential nominee in U.

The budget will be squeezed. Taxes will go up. And anyone who says they won't is not telling the truth to the American people. Reagan, meanwhile, generally declined to offer new legislative proposals for his re-election campaign, instead focusing on events like the U.

His apparent confused and forgetful behavior was evident to his supporters; they had previously known him clever and witty. Rumors began to circulate that he had Alzheimer's disease.

I am not going to exploit, for political purposes, my opponent's youth and inexperience," which generated applause and laughter, even from Mondale himself.

Public opinion polling consistently showed a Reagan lead in the campaign, and Mondale was unable to shake up the race. In the mid-term elections, Democrats retained a majority of the House and won control of the Senate for the first time since the elections.

However, Senate Republicans faced a difficult map that year, as they had to defend 22 of the 34 seats up for election.

Republican losses in the Senate were concentrated in the South and in the farm states. Reagan remained publicly neutral in the Republican presidential primaries , but privately supported Vice President Bush over Senator Bob Dole.

The Republican National Convention , which nominated Bush for president, also acted as a celebration of Reagan's presidency.

Following the Democratic National Convention , Dukakis led the polls by seventeen points, but Bush, aided by the INF Treaty and the strong economy, closed the gap as the election neared.

Democrats tried to link Bush to the Iran-Contra Scandal, but Bush claimed that he had not been involved. The GOP effectively cast Dukakis as "soft" on crime and foreign policy issues, seizing on Dukakis's pardon of Willie Horton and his dispassionate response to a question regarding the death penalty.

In the presidential election , Bush soundly defeated Dukakis, taking Since Reagan left office in , substantial debate has occurred among scholars, historians, and the general public surrounding his legacy.

Critics contend that Reagan's economic policies resulted in rising budget deficits, [] a wider gap in wealth , and an increase in homelessness.

Despite the continuing debate surrounding his legacy, many conservative and liberal scholars agree that Reagan has been one of the most influential presidents since Franklin Roosevelt, leaving his imprint on American politics, diplomacy, culture, and economics through his effective communication, dedicated patriotism and pragmatic compromising.

Heale, who finds that scholars now concur that Reagan rehabilitated conservatism, turned the nation to the right, practiced a considerably pragmatic conservatism that balanced ideology and the constraints of politics, revived faith in the presidency and in American exceptionalism , and contributed to victory in the Cold War.

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Viele Historiker Sky Art dies jedoch für einen Mythos und argumentieren, die Sowjetunion wäre auch ohne Reagans Zutun zerfallen.
Reagan Ronald Ronald Reagan stammte aus bescheidenen Verhältnissen, sein Vater Jack Reagan (–) war Nachkomme irischer wurde im Haus Main Street in Tampico geboren, seine Mutter war Nelle Wilson Reagan (–). Nach der High School besuchte er das Eureka College in Eureka, Illinois, welches mit der Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) . Ronald Reagan se narodil 6. února ve městě Tampico v druhým ze tří synů Johna Edwarda Reagana (–), irsko-amerického katolíka, a Nelle Clyde Wilson (–), která měla předky skotského, kanadského a anglického původu a byla členkou „Disciples of Christ“.Jeho starší bratr byl Neil Reagan (–). Ronald Wilson Reagan (6. helmikuuta Tampico, Illinois – 5. kesäkuuta Los Angeles, Kalifornia) oli Yhdysvaltain presidentti (–) ja Kalifornian kuvernöö edusti republikaanisen puolueen konservatiivista laitaa.. Ennen poliittista uraansa Reagan näytteli yli 50 Hollywood-elokuvassa ja toimi Yhdysvaltain elokuvanäyttelijöiden liiton puheenjohtajana.


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